About Henuby

Henuby is run by the same team that supports the QuotaGuard Static IP infrastructure on cloud marketplaces like AzureHeroku, and others. With QuotaGuard, we make it our primary focus to produce a service that provides scalability, reliability, and usability for our entire customer base. With Henuby, we are trying to make sure we leverage all that experience and roll those same attributes into our Reverse SSH service as well. (If you feel we have not met that goal, please let us know and send us a message at Support.) 

About the Idea

Work on Henuby started in early 2019 after discussions with our colleagues regarding the convoluted, and sometimes insurmountable, challenge of setting up SSH connections from behind a firewall to maintain access to their remote client assets. Many of these administrators were working on multiple projects and putting in place their own solution that allowed them to securely connect to multiple servers from outside the firewall was a cumbersome process.

We felt some popular solutions – like TeamViewer – were built mainly for the non-technical user and didn’t adequately solve the problems that terminal-focused administrators, especially ones that maintain solutions inside someone else’s network, typically encountered in their day to day duties.

We also believed we needed to create a solution that didn’t require the installation of any software or the opening of any ports to make it as easy as possible to setup, connect and maintain.

That’s a little bit about why we decided to start on the Henuby product and offer it as a service for other admins. Got any thoughts on this plan? Again, shoot it to us at Support, we’d love to hear from you.