What makes Henuby different from a tool like TeamViewer?

By March 1, 2021No Comments

We have worked with TeamViewer in the past and, although a good product, it is built mainly to satisfy a non-technical broad audience…what one would call, “the masses”.

We wanted to build a tool for people like us, advanced users and people maintaining multiple servers in many locations, basically people that either can’t, or don’t, use GUI’s and prefer to work exclusively on the command line.

Additionally, many advanced users have multiple systems they are trying to setup, deploy, manage, and maintain at multiple locations across the world. We found it is challenging to manage the relationships with each SysAdmin to make sure they continue to allow ongoing access to internal networks when working offsite.

Therefore, we built Henuby with these scenarios in mind, where a customer could use Henuby to manage multiple systems inside a single network, or managing multiple systems on many networks, without having to rely on SysAdmins to keep ports open for access.

We also expect to keep Henuby a simple tool that solves one problem and one problem only. No bloat, just a simple straightforward tool to get things done simpler.

TeamViewer is a great product, but if you are looking for a simple tool for allowing persistent SSH access behind the firewall, we encourage you to give Henuby a try.